Step Inside Koenigsegg's 1,700-HP Gemera Four-Seat Hypercar

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Photo: Koenigsegg Automotive AB
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Driven by the most powerful hybrid powertrain ever featured on a production car, the Gemera is a spectacular grand tourer that offers a high level of performance, luxury, and comfort to four occupants - a first in the Swedish company’s history.
Although it has been mass-producing vehicles for only 19 years, the carmaker has become one of the leading innovators in the world of high-performance sports cars.

It made a name for itself with models like the CCX or its successor, the Agera, which were two-seater gas-guzzling monsters; with the Gemera, though, Koenigsegg went down a different road, using an audacious hybrid powertrain and providing four seats so that the unique driving experience can be shared with friends and family.

Designed by Christian von Koenigsegg himself with help from head designer Sasha Selipanov, the exterior of this insane machine is a work of automotive art that would make any experienced designer envious. Regardless of the angle, every line and shape flow seamlessly, making it one of the most gorgeous hypercars ever made.

Koenigsegg Gemera
Photo: Koenigsegg Automotive AB
Among many interesting design features, the lack of a B-pillar and the two huge dihedral doors stand out. They open in a forward motion allowing easy access to both front and rear occupants.

Equally stunning as the body design, the interior of the Gemera is guaranteed to blow people’s minds. Stepping inside, we are greeted by four nearly identical carbon-fiber bucket seats with memory foam, which are covered in leather. All of them are heated and the front seats are four-way electronically adjusted.

In the front, those lucky enough to drive this amazing hypercar will use the intelligent carbon-fiber steering wheel that incorporates haptic touch screen buttons on each spoke.

It features a digital gauge display mounted on the column that moves along with the steering wheel, but the image will remain level, thanks to an integrated gyro.

Koenigsegg Gemera
Photo: Koenigsegg Automotive AB
Since the Gemera uses two high-resolution cameras instead of side mirrors, two additional displays are fitted on the inside of the A-pillars.

For convenience, Koenigsegg fitted four easy-to-reach cup holders on the central carbon-fiber console. Two of them are cooled while the other two are heated so that any type of beverage maintains its optimal temperature.

Further up on the console, a huge touchscreen controls all of the car’s functions like seat adjustment, the three-zone climate control, navigation, or the eleven-speaker high-quality audio system.

Accessing the back seats is surprisingly easy, thanks to the innovative design of the humongous doors. Still, even more shocking is just how much comfort and legroom this mid-engine hypercar offers.

Koenigsegg Gemera
Photo: Koenigsegg Automotive AB
Two 6’5” (1.98 m) adults can comfortably sit in the back of the Gemera, where they can benefit from the same technologies like the front occupants. An additional 13-inch touchscreen is installed on the central console, where they can also find another two sets of cooled and heated cup holders.

Using the dedicated screen, rear passengers can adjust the separate climate control or connect their smart devices through the car’s integrated Wi-Fi system.

Although the car uses a compact mid-mounted 600 hp (447 kW) three-cylinder ICE as part of its hybrid powertrain, there is enough room for the spacious cabin and a small but useful trunk.

The Gemera is, without a doubt, one of the most exciting hypercars ever created, redefining the segment and taking gran tourers to a whole new level.

With a base price starting around $1.7 million, the Gemera will be made in a run of 300 units. Production is set to start this year, and the first cars are expected to be delivered to their eager owners by the holiday season.
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