Star Trek Online Starships Get 3D Printed for Players Starting March

Set 30 years after the events in Star Trek: Nemesis, the Star Trek Online MMORPG has proven to be an amazing hit. Having tons of ship classes to choose from and customize pretty much at will has proven a great idea, especially now, when some new products will spawn from the game.
3D printed Star Trek online ship 4 photos
Star Trek Online 3D printed starshipStar Trek Online 3D printed starshipStar Trek Online 3D printed starship
The owners of the game, Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, announced this week a partnership with a company which specializes in 3D printing. Called Mixed Dimensions, the company has taken it upon itself to 3D print nearly every starship available in the game.

That means some 500 different models, starting with those seen in tar Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine an ending with any other space-faring machine dreamt of in the game’s ship editor.

The journey from a digital ship to a real one is fairly simple. One must be a Star Trek game player and a keen eye for designing a starship with which not to be embarrassed. As soon as those conditions are met, all the player has to do is upload the model to Mixed Dimension’s GamePrint solution and then choose from a series of purchase options.

The result will be a 12 inch (30 centimeters) real-life version of the in-game ship. Each model that comes out of the printer will be hand painted and delivered to the player's doorstep. Production is set to start this March, with prices to be announced soon.

Expect the prices to be quite steep though. A 3D printed Knight on Horse, for instance, costs on the Mixed Dimensions website $599. A Troll is priced at $679. You get the idea. If you don’t, check some prices out on the official website.

Expensive as they may be, the level of detail seen on the available 3D printed models is amazing, so provided you’re a decent starship engineer or designer, you may end up with your own self-made collectible.


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