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Spyshots: New SEAT Leon 3-Door Disguised as Opel Astra

We could start this article off by telling you about active safety systems, about the MQB platform or about the fact that SEATs are boring, but we’re not. That’s because the engineers that were testing this new Leon 3-door hatchback were a little bored.
2013 SEAT Leon 3-Door 6 photos
2013 SEAT Leon 3-Door2013 SEAT Leon 3-Door2013 SEAT Leon 3-Door2013 SEAT Leon 3-Door2013 SEAT Leon 3-Door
Instead of covering up the front and rear bumpers with camo like everybody else does, they went berserk and transformed the Spanish hatchback into an Opel Astra.

Since the new Leon is more angular and has a center line dividing the left from the right, this transformation is very believable. In fact, if we were normal, non-nutty motorists, we’d actually confuse this for the real Astra. At the back, the bored engineers even went as far as to duplicate the little hump on which the Opel emblem sits, while at the front, that might actually be the front bumper and grille from an Astra.

Is this a nod in favor of the Astra from Seat or are they saying they can make one with duct tape?

Either way, this 3-door Leon will have a lot of quite serious competition, not only from established models, but also from the new generation of Kia Pro_Cee’d, which is brilliantly styled.


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