Speed Record in Ethanol-fueled Ford Mustang

When you're a corn farmer in Oklahoma and also a race car museum owner, there is a high possibility that you enjoy car races in vehicles using what appears to be the next generation of fuels running on American grown corn. And your main concern might be breaking world records using ethanol-fueled cars.

Well, this is not an environmentally friendly scenario, but the real story of Brent Hajek whose Ford Mustang has become the fastest vehicle of its breed on the planet after reaching 252.78 mph in one of many runs this year at a Bonneville Salt Flats event in Utah, citing reported. However, for Hajek this is nothing out of the ordinary as his car, which uses E85 fuel, has established other speed records in the past, the last one being 246 mph.

Having this in mind, no one should think any longer biofuels don't perform as well as pure gasoline. Or at least, this is what Hayek's dream would be: "You say it cuts your performance?” he asks. "Why don’t you go out there and see if you can go faster than we did,” he asked.

But how did the story start? It seems that Hajek wanted to take a Ford Mustang back to Bonneville just the way Ford did with the 1969 Mach 1 Mustang but, to his surprise, the Detroit car maker showed little enthusiasm at the very beginning. "There was some interest at first, but they weren’t real excited,” he said. "Then we had the idea about the E85 fuel and they were hooked.”

But the Oklahoma farmer didn't give up his dream and showed up at Bonneville. Since there wasn't a specific class for cars using E85, his Ford Mustang was placed in a class called "C-blown, fuel altered unlimited.”

"Basically most of those cars in that class are the nitro cars,” Hajek said. "When we heard that we thought it was going to be the equivalent of taking a pea shooter to a bazooka contest. But we got to playing around with this car and thought ‘this thing is really making some real horsepower.'”

Danny Thompson, son of Mickey Thompson was the one who drove Hajek's Mustang to the record glory.

Unfortunately, they didn't enter the record book last year since the existing world record is not changed until the speed is duplicated.

After all, little does this matter since the daring corn farmer achieved his goal: he has just triggered the development of greener Mustangs in the future.

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