Speed and Mindless Lane Splitting, the Classic Bike Crash Recipe

Speed and Mindless Lane Splitting 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Watching videos like the one below from time to time always leads to the same question which pops into mind: are these guys looking for the most interesting and at the same time, stupid ways to crash while riding their motorcycles? I am both a rider and a driver and a fervent supporter of lane splitting, but seeing fellows like the one who crashes in this video never ceases to amaze me.
In the end, it’s probably not for me to judge the way such guys ride, but I cannot help thinking about all the troubles and the hassle a crash like this can lead to. On a highway that’s already crowded and when the traffic is almost coming to a halt for whatever reason, adding one more accident is only making the day harder.

Since the purpose of this article is supposed to be an educational one I won’t explore the potential future of a casualty. Even with the rider walking away from this crash, there’s still going to be at least one more motorist involved in the police work. He or she will spend useless time (from their point of view) with declarations and all, and this is discounting the potential emotional stress they or other occupants of the car (maybe children) are subject to…

Mindless lane splitting just can’t end well

Sooner or later, these riders are getting it. Sorry to say it, but this is how things work. After all, many innocent riders are involved in crashes, so acting like a high-speed moron simply can’t work in your favor.

In a way it’s funny how the rider seems to ignore all the potential dangers associated with using the highway, with the most common two, sudden lane changes from other motorists and sudden speed drop because of a jam treated with total oblivion.

Too bad that karma kicks in and things usually get rough when we expect the least. If my job tonight was to say mean things, I’s add that the rider should have seen it coming, but we was way too busy just incoming. Luckily, he seems to have not sustained serious injuries, while his riding buddy can brag about his skills in dodging a flying bike. Still, this could have ended much, much worse.

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