Spectacular Brush with Death for Clumsy Scooter Rider

Watching this short but rather creepy video makes me once more acknowledge how easily and how incredibly quickly can life end when being stupid on two wheels. Say, life itself is pretty fragile and can instantaneously end for the entire planet in a very short time, if some minute things go wrong, but we’re not talking world- or universal-scale things here.
Spectacular scooter crash 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
When on two wheels, safety is already at stake, and there’s really no need from riders to make things worse. Unless, they’re completely ignoring how bag the day can end because of minor mistakes. Now, we’ve seen tons of videos with speeding scooter riders in Asia, so here’s one more, just as spectacular as the most intriguing ones out there.

Luckily, it looks like the fellow made it without severe injuries, but I’d say he was as lucky as it gets. The impact was very violent, and the brutal way the scooter ricochets from the car, pieces of the two-wheeler flying through the air and all. The rider was extremely lucky to miss being run over by the car with only inches. Combining the speed of the two vehicles and adding a less fortunate trajectory for the unfortunate rider could have easily led to a fatal result, but it looks like this just wasn’t a completely bad day after all.

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