Young Girl Revving Up a Suzuki GSX Indoors: Cool or Fool?

Young Girl Revving Up a Suzuki GSX Indoors 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak
I’ve seen my fair share of guys revving up their sport bikes indoor, with burnouts and blowing also not missing from the menu. Scorched floors, burned rubber sprayed through the entire room, smoke and all, they’re being taken care of as we speak. Still, allowing a young girl to step up on a Suzuki GSX, start it and rev it is something different.
This doesn’t have to do with doing it indoor. In fact, seeing a bike being revved inside the house is the silly part which makes the whole video funny, indeed, coupled with the hilarious title. As for those concerned about accidentally shifting the Gixxer into gear, the bike’s kickstand is lowered, and the safety mechanism would instantaneously kill the engine as the lever shifts to either 1st or the 2nd gear. A small jerk would most likely be all before the engine is stalled.

But this brings us to the real danger in this affair: flipping the bike. Even the aforementioned small jerk could, in some cases, be enough for the unsuspecting rider and bike to lose balance and fall off the side stand. And before some rush in to say this is highly unlikely, if not simply impossible, I’d say I witnessed a kid almost crushed after flipping a V-Strom 1000 off its side stand. And it didn’t look impossible at all.

As funny as this video is, I’m honestly happy to see things are alright. Just because…

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