Small Motorcycles and No Guns Can't Stop Thieves from Mowing Down Cops – Video

thieves run down two police bikes 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Below you can watch a video released by the police of Mexican city of Puebla in hope that the thieves will be identified and tracked down. The video appears to be shot by CCTV cameras in the vicinity of the Puebla Medical University, on a street where a group of thieves attempt to steal the alloy wheels of a Nissan Sentra.
According to the info accompanying the video, the theft of alloy car wheels has been on the rise in the city, prompting the police to increase activity. The same source mentions that after a year of sustained police work, the crime rate in the city decreased by a hefty 20%, but watching what’s going on in this video makes us believe that the vileness of the thieves increased.

Small bikes and unarmed cops are not enough to cause the thieves to surrender

As the thieves who are trying to wrench the Nissan’s wheels free spot the cops, they decide to call it quits and split, despite two police motorcycles blocking both ways. However, it looks like these small displacement bikes are seen only as a minor threat by the thieves’ driver. Even more, the fact that the police officers don’t seem to carry guns, or at least they don’t look like intending to use firearms gives the thieves and extra boost of confidence.

A quick move a couple of meters ahead flips one of the bikes, while reversing also crashes the other motorcycle, with a policeman caught between the bent open door and a parked car. With no real threat other than words, the thieves simply charge ahead driving over the flipped bike and disappearing in traffic.

No cops seem to have sustained serious injuries, but maybe this footage will cause the police chiefs to add some weapons to the fight against crime. Words and some scooters just won’t do.

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