Skyfly’s eVTOL Gears Up for Public Debut at Farnborough International

Air taxis are cool, but personal electric aircraft are on another level. The idea that you could “park” a zero-emission aircraft in your garage, instead of a car, is very exciting and, most importantly, feasible. While the Swedish Jetson One is still the most popular proposal globally, the British Axe by Skyfly also has the potential for great success.
Skyfly will officially present its two-seat electric aircraft in April 2023 8 photos
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Axe by Skyfly eVTOLAxe by Skyfly eVTOLAxe by Skyfly eVTOLAxe by Skyfly eVTOLAxe by Skyfly eVTOLAxe by Skyfly eVTOLAxe by Skyfly eVTOL
The 2023 Farnborough Air Show isn’t coming until July, but there’s a summit connected to it that will be held earlier, on April 17 and 18. Officially named the “Farnborough International Sustainable Skies World Summit,” it focuses on innovative technology that supports green aviation.

This year’s edition of the Summit is gearing up to be a memorable one. The Axe eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) will be revealed to the public for the first time, even though it’s already been available for pre-order since last summer. And it will be the only aircraft of its kind (a private, zero-emission VTOL) to be displayed at the event.

The upcoming Summit will be a great way to take a closer look at this $180,000 alternative to private light aircraft and helicopters. Visitors can expect to see the first completed fuselage section of the series-production Axe.

This type of VTOL boasts multiple advantages for future owners, as well as for manufacturers. Its main benefit is accessibility, because anyone with a standard fixed-wing airplane pilot’s license can fly it (unlike future air taxis, that will require dedicated eVTOL pilot licenses and training).

Certified as a “private aircraft kit build,” the Axe makes the production and certification processes much faster and easier. And it doesn’t require special infrastructure. Fitted with four rotors and 70 kW motors, it can fly two people for up to 200 miles (321 km) at 100 mph (160 kph).

The Axe by Skyfly is not an air taxi (which can carry four to six passengers) but it’s not a single-person aircraft (like the Jetson One) either. The four-wing design is mostly responsible for its impressive performance, compared to other eVTOLs. It claims to use half the energy of a Tesla when cruising (30 kW), with better range than similar aircraft, and extra safety (thanks to its ability to glide effectively).

Another important advantage is the ability to take off and land even on rural property with no dedicated infrastructure (as long as there’s official permission for that). This makes it not just practical, but also more affordable to operate.

The best part is that Axe is not just another concept that sounds good. The prototype has already undergone extensive testing, and Skyfly is now gearing up for the first manned test flights of the series-production version. After the eVTOL’s public debut in April, Skyfly plans to kick off test flights this summer.
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