“Shhh, Don’t Disturb Me While I’m Driving and Checking My Facebook Account”

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Whenever we’re faced with the kind of behavior that is obviously wrong, we have to decide how we’re going to deal with it: say “it’s not my business” and let it slide, or crack open the window and tell the man in the wrong he might want to do things differently.
Most of the times, we go for the former solution because it’s more convenient and because that’s why we pay our taxes: so that the police can handle these guys. And we might turn a blind eye on numerous occasions, until one day when we get home and see the red Porsche driver we just ran by as he was texting at the wheel is now on the news, with the headline saying “Schoolgirl run over by distracted driver.”

We’re not saying we should all become vigilantes, carrying baseball bats and smashing windows left and right whenever we see somebody do something potentially dangerous. What we’re saying is that, whenever possible, try and have a chat with that man and explain him, in a calm fashion, why what he’s doing isn’t right.

Oh, we know this will get you more middle fingers and curses than anything you’ve ever done in your life, but just think of that potential little girl and keep doing it. Don’t be a smart ass - nobody likes those - just tell him that “maybe it would be better if he stopped doing whatever it is he is doing.”

Texting and driving is just a generic name for all activities that require the drivers to move their eyes and their focus from the road to the smartphone’s screen. It can mean reading the news, watching a YouTube clip (don’t laugh, it happens) or checking somebody’s Facebook status.

Whatever the Ford Fiesta driver in this clip was doing, it was enough to prevent him from seeing or hearing a motorcycle stopped right next to him, honking its horn and revving its engine. The motorcycle rider spots the driver and apparently tries to have a chat with him, but he’s unsuccessful as the man in the car seems to genuinely not notice his presence.

So while you’ll be tempted to say that what he does isn’t that bad, since the traffic is crawling and driving in these conditions doesn’t require that much attention, we’d say it does require at least a little more than the amount this guy appears to be paying. Besides, once you’re OK with checking your phone at slower speeds, you gain enough confidence to take it to the next level. Until one day you do it while driving your red Porsche in front of a school.

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