Sexy Blonde Picks Up Guys in a Corvette, Gets Rejected with Minivan

Remember the famous "Gold Digger Pranks" where girls are all hot and bothered about a guy who has a fancy car, like a Bugatti or a Lamborghini? Well, somebody thought it put women in a bad light and decided to do a reverse prank.
Sexy Blonde Picks Up Guys in a Corvette, Gets Rejected with Minivan 1 photo
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How do you do that? You take one very sexy blonde woman, dress her somewhat suggestively and give her a Corvette Stingray Convertible, which is probably a cheap rental. She then has to ask strangers if they want to give her a tour of Los Angeles in the car. The guys are literally tripping over themselves to give the hottie what she wants. One youngster dumps his friend while another leaves his girlfriend behind to take care of their bicycles "for a few hours".

That seems logical, but then things really get weird. When the same hot woman asks men to join her on rides in a Toyota minivan, literally none of them want to come. Is is because they're afraid something bad is going to happen to them or because they will be bored in the gray family vehicle?

Logic dictates that every man is obliged to go anywhere a long-legged blonde with a Russian accent demands, even if there is a sign that says "this is a trap, you are going to get slaughtered". In fact, the Toyota seems more fun. You know what they say, if the van is rocking, don't come knocking!

This story really wouldn't be complete without us telling you who the girl is. Say hello to Irina Voronina, a beautiful 37-year old measuring 4 ft 9.5 in (1.77m) from her toes to the sexy blond hair. She came to America in 2001 in search of a modeling career and beside appearing in numerous magazines, including Playboy, she also discovered her acting skills and appeared in 2012 Piranha 3DD and 2007's Epic Movie. In some of them, she may have had lines of dialog and wore clothes, but we really can't tell you for sure because none of us watched them.

Irina also has her own Youtube account called Bunny Talks where she shares her sexiness with the world. In addition, this editor is pretty sure he used to own a Playboy magazine with her as a the Miss January centerfold, taking a shower.

So I ask you, gentlemen, how the heck could you say no to that? You bring shame to your species by saying no to somebody who owns an original bunny girl costume.

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