Pot-Smoking Police Officers Prank Will Blow Your Mind

Police officers smoking weed prank 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Two cops hotboxing a patrol car? Sounds like a classic scene with officer Tenpenny and Pulaski from GTA San Andreas, right? Not if you saw these two around Compton the other day, especially around the local doughnut stores.
Luckily, it was only a joke, but a very well played one. The guys over at “whatever” dressed up as police officers, with gun holsters, CB radios and all that police stuff hanging from the belt, and got themselves a nice black and white Ford Crown Victoria cruiser with some extras...

Those little extras came in the shape of a fog machine, like those used in the club, and some pot smoking devices, namely a pipe and a large bong. Parking the car next to the curb and putting all the ingredients to work seemed nothing like what ordinary cops do and that gained a lot of attention.

Remember that scene from How High in the parking lot? We’re talking about the same hotboxing action here... but with police officers in the roles of Silas and Jamal.

For those of you new to “hotboxing”, that’s a common method among potheads to make the most out of a joint. This involves smoking in an air-tight room or car so that the smoke gets trapped and inhaled multiple times. Sort of what happens with your car when you set the AC on recirculation mode.

Oh, involving the pranksters safety, don’t worry. They had a permit to film the stunts and they were backed up by security all the time.

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