Sexy Anastasia Tests Honda's Crosstour

If there's one thing the Russians love nowadays, it's to buy cars from the West, be that BMWs from Germany, Range Rovers from Britain or Cadillacs from America. But since most people can't afford to buy such luxury goods, a lot of more affordable models have made their way to the once soviet nation.
Anastasia Tregubova tests Honda Crosstour 1 photo
Honda's Crosstour is a brand new idea. The one and only model ever built was launched in 2009, a derivative of the accord with a coupe-ish body and the raised ground clearance of a crossover.

By now, you guys are probably familiar with sexy Russian model turned car reviewer Anastasia Tregubova. Her latest review takes the Honda Crosstour on the road and off it. The car is big but very capable, even if it's asked to deal with less than perfect conditions. You're not going to learn anything new here, but it's a good chance to sample what Honda's AWD V6 setup can do.

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