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Seven Ferrari 430 Scuderia Racing in the UAE

If the United Arab Emirates is the second home of Ferrari, and every other supercar spotted there sports the Prancing Horse logo, than a racing event featuring seven Ferrari 430 Scuderias and Scuderia 16M Spiders is a bit like finding new tricks for old dogs to do, or like recycling.
We’re only kidding of course, as the Scuderia version of the 430 isn’t that common of a sight, so spotting seven of them at a time like Youtube user 4WheelsofLux did is a huge achievement.

The video was shot at the Yas Marina F1 Circuit during a Ferrari Owners Club UAE event, and as you can see, there’s more to this video than just the 430, as you’ve also got your 599s and your Californias.


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