Seize the One and Only "Retro-Inspired" Comet Teardrop Camper and Never Look Back

Every once in a while, my search for the perfect travel trailers and off-grid machines stumbles upon a hidden gem. This time around, it's the Comet from none other than American Teardrop. Ready those checkbooks because this one's ready to fly.
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Photo: American Teardrop
Folks, the name American Teardrop may not mean a whole lot to you, but by the time we're done here, you could very well find yourself calling them up to inquire about more than just the Comet. Until then, let's see what we can get our hands on for no less than $18,500 (€17,100 at current exchange rates).

That's right, folks; the little wonder we have before us today will cost you no more than $18,500, and if what I think went into this unit is true, we could very well be looking at one of the best deals of the year.

Now, American Teardrop does business one of two ways: either you go for a fully custom unit, consulting with the manufacturer every step of the way, or you go for their "pre-built" lineup. As for the Comet, it's a pre-built unit, so you can just call up American right now and go get it.

As for what's in store for this puppy, as the manufacturer's name would suggest, it's a teardrop camper, but it's slightly different from what we typically see on the market. Its looks are a clear indicator that this one stands apart from others out there.

Photo: American Teardrop
Come to think of it, let's explore a bit of what we see because, honestly, it's all so retro! All those rounded edges, white paint job with a mustard yellow trim, and matching chrome hubcap wheels remind me of a time I've only witnessed in movies. The only thing missing is some of those elongated and spacy taillights with a touch of chrome. A neat build and one that's sure to catch an eye or two.

From the first moment that I saw the Comet, I fell in love with its bulbous cues and design, which got me thinking: what's this thing made out of? Often, such rounded shapes are reserved for composite materials, the likes of fiberglass, but according to the manufacturer's website, aluminum is used to craft the sidings, roof, and hatch. Still, I can't shake the idea that some of this bugger is crafted with materials the likes of fiberglass.

Moving forward, it's important to note the way this unit's galley has been developed and the way it actually distributes appliances and features throughout the entire space. Let's start with the rear of the unit to understand more of what I mean.

Here, your average teardrop will include a galley, and while a kitchen compartment is found here, shelves and all, there are no features, only a hatch that seems to allow owners to access something; we don't know. Most likely, you'll find features like the batteries and holding tanks here.

Photo: American Teardrop
Now, whatever you end up storing back here, which will probably be all the foodstuffs you need, including a fridge, will need to eventually be moved to the front of your unit and cooked to perfection. That's because American Teardrop adds a slide-out with sink water and cooktop in that forward diamond-plated "toolbox."

Once you've cooked your meal and enjoyed it, the dopamine is bound to kick in, and as it does, you may find yourself looking for the nearest entrance into the Comet. Luckily, access inside can be had via either side of the camper, and once inside, the smell of birch wood is bound to be a neat aspect. Not only are the floor and walls made from the stuff, but so is the cabinetry.

Inside this puppy, we'll be able to rest our bones on a mattress suitable for two adults and maybe even a child or pet, and by the looks of things, AC vents, reading lights, and a padded headboard are all part of the magic. There's also a skylight vent integrated into the roof, so kick back and enjoy the view or grab some shuteye.

Photo: American Teardrop
Upon waking up, you might want to lounge around for a bit longer, but your significant other nags you for a snack. Luckily, it's just before sunset, and once you've crafted a bit to eat, maybe even some tea or coffee, you both take your places outside at your dining set. Maybe bring along a mobile speaker and put on your favorite jams. Better yet, just enjoy the sounds and view of the natural world around you. After all, that's why we buy such machines.

Yet, what about off-grid capabilities? Again, the manufacturer's website is a tad short on details, but one of the images in the gallery does appear to have a flexible solar panel on top. Be sure to ask American if you can get anything else added to this baby; I'm sure they'd love to take a bit more cash off your hands.

So, you've fallen in love with the Comet. If that's the case, all you have to do is call up American Teardrop and check to see if they have any more units in stock. If they don't, you might still be able to talk them into crafting a fresh one just for you. Sounds like a sweet deal for a tad under $18,500.
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