Russian Military-Spec Electric Bikes Claim 320 km Range from Modest Batteries

It’s somehow funny to hear such news from Russia, given the rather complex geo-political status at its western border with Ukraine, but nevertheless here we go. English Russia has published a series of photos showing an electric motorcycle which is claimed to provide a 320 km range.
Russian Military-Spec Electric Bikes 6 photos
Photo: English Russia
Russian Military-Spec Electric BikesRussian Police-Spec Electric BikesRussian Military-Spec Electric BikesRussian Military-Spec Electric BikesRussian Military-Spec Electric Bikes
Now, 320 kilometers is 200 miles, give or take. Nothing that fancy for an electric vehicle, but a rather lengthy trip for a motorcycle. And when the size of a bike’s battery pack is also a rather diminutive one, things become way more interesting all of a sudden.

Truth be told, as battery technology evolves we can expect the range of electric motorcycles to be extended. However, taking a look at these photos only shows juice packs roughly the size of what we get to see in electric scooters and this brings in some question marks. We’ve even seen pedelecs which had batteries the size of what these Russian machines have so the doubts are only getting bigger.

Three types of batteries for uphill, speed and long distance?

The website mentions that these bikes can be equipped with three types of batteries. Since we cannot fully trust the accuracy of the translation, we’re refraining from stating that this is how things actually are. Still using three types of batteries for different purposes seems a bit impractical.

But what if you’re on a long-range mission and have to flee at greater speed? Or the other way around, for what’s worth? And how about the “uphill” version? Are they good enough only for high-torque, or what?

We’d rather believe an improper translation which refers in reality to three operating modes, or mappings which make different use of the motor’s capabilities, with the corresponding range and power deployment figures.

The source also claims they fit in a car trunk, which probably means they are also folding. The minimal motor power rating is 3kW, and the top speed is said to be 110 km/h (68 mph). As for the kinds of weapons the military can accommodate on these bikes, you know that some “mad scientists” will stop at nothing. However, factor in the weight of a soldier, ammo and other tactical equipment and then judge for yourselves. So far we’re not buying it. How about you?
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