Peter Fonda Rides the Harley-Davidson LiveWire, Can’t Stash Money in the Tank

Peter Fonda Rides the Harley-Davidson LiveWire 5 photos
Photo: LA Times
Peter FondaPeter Fonda Rides the LiveWire and seems happyPeter Fonda Rides the Harley-Davidson LiveWirePeter Fonda Rides the Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Avid motorcyclist and well-known actor Peter Fonda has test-ridden Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire electric prototype, LA Times reports. Fonda, 74, is no longer riding as much as he’d like to, as he, himself, says. Still, he’s still deeply involved when it comes to movies, and even providing advice for certain bike-related scripts.
Famous for co-writing and starring in the cult movie Easy Rider, Peter Fonda has become a somewhat iconic face for the custom chopper culture and is often associated with Harley-Davidson, even if one of his favorite bikes is still an MV Agusta F4 superbike. Speaking of which, Fonda told LA Times he’s considering selling the F4. If you’re after some liter-class sport bikes with a VIP vibe, you’d better follow Fonda’s social network activity.

I don’t want to drop it, I don’t want to drop it!

Like any experienced rider, Fonda knows that a bike can hide many surprises for the guy who rides it for the very first time. Hearing his lengthy series of “I don’t want to drop it” motivational, and sometimes almost scary-voiced “quotes to self” reminds me of my own early riding days. And like always, a very good, if a tad funny way to start a ride aboard a new bike, taking precautions until one gets familiar with the beast.

Anyway, Fonda got over his initial skepticism quite quickly as he built a lot of confidence with every dozen of yards he rode. No vibrations, almost no noise and obviously, none of the traditional Harley rumble accompanied him, but Fonda seems to enjoy the bike quite a lot.

Since, the LiveWire is on a large promotional tour aimed at letting the people know Harley can go electric, too, we cannot vouch that the meeting between MoCo’s EV and peter Fonda was not staged a bit. Not that it would be something wrong about that.

After all, Harley has talked about the LiveWire very openly, stating the bike is only a prototype and Milwaukee is looking forward to receive as much feedback a possible from the people riding it. So it’s rather premature to talk about a “Peter Fonda endorses Harley’s LiveWire” or other similar marketing stunts.

Even more, knowing that Fonda has seen and ridded quite a lot of bikes until now, we might believe his joy and excitement are genuine, too. Now, it’s somehow saddening knowing that in the future, modern Easy Riders will no longer be able to stash any money in a rubber hose inside a bike’s fuel tank, don’t you think?

Check the LA Times for a video of Peter Fonda riding the LiveWire.
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