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Russian Blonde Reviews A45 AMG, Takes It Off-road and on Slalom Course

The A45 AMG has been on sale for a couple of years, so it really doesn't matter that much what people think about it. The first hot hatch built by Mercedes has established itself in many ways and demand has kept up with rivals from Audi or BMW.
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But that doesn't mean you guys shouldn't watch this next car review by Anastasia Tregubova, a blonde beauty starred as a centerfold in Playboy and Maxim magazine over the years. It's not just a chance to see a sexy girl, but also one to check out how the A45 handles being thrashed at the limit.

Apparently, these Russians can get away with a lot, as taking such an expensive car offroad surely resulted in damage to the paintwork and undercharge. As if that wasn't enough, not one but two professional drivers get behind the wheel and push the Merc on a dusty, rocky slalom course, finding understeer and body roll in the process.

While still equipped with the most powerful series-production 2-liter turbo engine in the world, the A45 AMG may be dethroned soon by the 2.5-liter engine of the new RS3, which is going to be fast. However, Mercedes are already working on another version that should be ready by September and pack 385 hp.

What's really funny is that we've reached a point where Mercedes makes an AMG-badged rival for the Golf R, which is tested by Russians to the limit. That's like Bentley making a rival for the Range Rover and watching the review in Chinese… oh wait, that's probably going to happen.

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