Russia Doesn’t Love BMWs

BMW E60 5 Series 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Youtube
 Youtube is full of car crash videos from Russia these days. Most of us wondered why are there so many videos like this on the internet and especially from Russia until we did a little research.
Turns out that in Russia, the penalties for injuring someone on the public roads or even causing a traffic accident are pretty steep, including for some cases prison time. Also, most of the times the drivers are framed in order to pay extensive amounts of money for the claimed victim to drop charges. That’s why most Russian drivers have on-board cameras: to use them as evidence in case of a law-suit or if their testimony isn’t enough.

Today we found yet another gem. This time, it’s not in traffic. This unlucky BMW E60 owner just happened to find a full scale fire inside his trunk. That’s not what you might expect to see when opening a trunk. In Russia you might expect to see a dead body in there but definitely not a fire.

As you can see he starts to take out stuff from his trunk but, unfortunately there’s no fire extinguisher at hand. We guess he only had money to buy the car but not a fire extinguisher. There is another interesting fact to observe in this video: the way people gather round and not one of them is panicking. Everybody keeps its calm as if this is just another ordinary thing on Russia’s roads, or in this case, Russia’s parking lots.

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