Royal Navy’s Most Powerful Attack Submarine in History Shows What It Can Do

HMS Audacious is a powerful nuclear submarine operated by the British Royal Navy 9 photos
Photo: Royal Navy
HMS Audacious Nuclear SubmarineHMS Audacious Nuclear SubmarineHMS Audacious Nuclear SubmarineHMS Audacious Nuclear SubmarineHMS Audacious Nuclear SubmarineHMS Audacious Nuclear SubmarineHMS Audacious Nuclear SubmarineHMS Audacious Nuclear Submarine
The next generation of military assets includes nuclear submarines that blend top-level attack capabilities with extended self-sufficiency. The youngest of these submarines to be in service has successfully completed its first mission.
The British Royal Navy’s Astute-class submarines are 318-foot (97 meters) monsters, weighing 7,400 tons and powered by nuclear reactors that now only extend their range but also help the crew produce their own oxygen and drinking water during the longest deployments. This way, these massive vessels can stay submerged while covering extra-long distances. These features make them the largest, most advanced, and most powerful submarines that the Royal Navy has ever operated.

Four of them (HMS Astute, HMS Ambush, HMS Artful, and HMS Audacious) are already in operation. The fifth one, HMS Anson, is gearing up to hit the water soon as well, while the final two, HMS Agamemnon and Agincourt, are still under construction.

HMS Audacious recently completed NATO security patrols in the Mediterranean, which was the first time it got the chance to show what it can do. Joining its first three sisters, it was deployed here at the beginning of the year. For these exercises, it was fitted with Tomahawk missiles, but the Audacious’ regular weapon system also includes the Spearfish heavyweight torpedo.

Its task wasn’t easy. The powerful submarine had to track and engage enemy vessels both underwater and at the surface but also practice escaping them. According to the Royal Navy, this was a “rare training opportunity” for many NATO allies’ naval forces, who got to put their skills to the test against a next-generation nuclear submarine.

After the exercises, the young HMS Audacious got straight to work, carrying out security patrols in the region together with other NATO forces. It was also joined by HMS Ambush, which had completed its mission in the Arctic. When the fleet is complete, it will become the Royal Navy’s most powerful submarine range in history.
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