Rolls-Royce Dawn Driver Goes Mountain Drifting, Rolls-Royce Reacts

Drifting is everywhere these days and there's basically no automotive producer that can escape the sideways trend, whether the respective company's machines are built for slip angle shenanigans or not. So what happens when you drift a Rolls-Royce and the carmaker takes notice of this?
Rolls-Royce Dawn drifting 1 photo
Well, an answer that's worthy of our time comes from social media. It all started when a car community-famous Instagrammer recently went sideways in a Rolls-Royce Dawn, sharing the tale with the world, as usual.

We're talking about a gear head known as Powerslide Lover, with the car nut obviously enjoying staying true to his nickname, whether we're talking about a LaFerrari or an Evo.

As mentioned, there's nothing unusual about this machine fan posting his drifting adventures on Instagram (you can check out the RR adventure in the brief piece of footage at the bottom of the page).

Nevertheless, this time around, Rolls-Royce decided to drop a comment, as you'll notice in the dedicated section of the post.

Using a certified account, the company delivered a simple "Glad you’re enjoying your new Dawn,"

This caused a bit of a stir, with other Instagrammers wondering what that comm means. It is in any way related to the warranty of that particular Dawn? Or is this Goodwood aknowledging that not its machines are chauffered around calmly?

I tend to believe the latter answer would make more sense. After all, it's not a coincidence that drifting a modern-day Rolls-Royce comes surprisingly easy (as I found out during the Ghost review, the number of doors is not relevant when it comes to this).

And it's not like the world hasn't seen a pro drift car wearing the Spirit of Ecstasy so far (here's the machine, which still uses the factory three-speed auto, in case you missed it).


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