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Rocks on Road Corners Flipping Cars like Pancakes Since 2016

Just like Nancy Sinatra's boots were made for walking, all the roads in this world are made for driving. They offer a very nice, often flat surface on which to move your car, and all they ask in return is that you stick to the confines of the pavement.
Car flipped by a rock 1 photo
If you want to go off-road that's fine as well, but you should only do it after carefully inspecting the terrain, and preferably in specifically equipped vehicles. But just to be clear, any off-road incursion is your own responsibility, and the pavement, the people who put it there or its inventor are not to be held liable.

We've gotten used to these limitations, and so we've devised all sorts of ways to make driving on the pavement more fun. Most of them are gathered under the name "motorsports," but others - called "street racing" or "drifting" or "drag racing" - are often only whispered. We've become quite good at it and so have our cars. However, it appears we have reached a moment when we're faced with a new enemy that wants to change the status quo.

For the moment, this foe hasn't made its way onto our paved roads, but it's just inches away. The first driver to have encountered it suffered serious damage to both his car and his pride, as the video below will demonstrate. He let his guard down for just one second and clipped the inside of a right-hand turn. It was a matter of a few inches or so, but he was unfortunate enough to do it right where the enemy was lurking.

His sedan was thrown on its side as if it had driven over a hidden trampoline, and it remained there until a few people rushed to push the car back on its wheels. Of course, after hitting a rock straight on, the front wheel on the right-hand side was in no condition to turn, not to mention provide any sort of steering. But all jokes aside, if you fail to spot a large rock that's also of a pretty light color in full daylight, then maybe you deserve what's coming to you.


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