Rivian R1T Gets the Toughest of Jobs: Squats While Hauling a Pallet of Concrete Mix

Whoever said all-electric pickup trucks couldn't do real work did not see a Rivian carrying a heavy pallet of concrete mix. Someone decided to test out the vehicle's abilities and gave us all a lesson on just how good the R1T is.
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Rivian R1T Hauling a Pallet of Concrete MixRivian R1T Hauling a Pallet of Concrete MixRivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truckRivian R1T pickup truck
Squatted trucks are still a thing in most parts of the US. People modify their vehicles' suspension systems to make them sit unevenly on the ground. It's nothing fancy, really. They just cut a good chunk of the springs, add some interesting wheels, some stickers or a wrap, and maybe even a lift kit for the front suspension. It's somewhat of a questionable hobby, but who are we to interfere with people's happiness?

However, we can say that most of those vehicles don't come with a suspension inspired by a British supercar. The Rivian R1T shares some of the tech with the McLaren 720S. The air suspension system features an electro-hydraulic roll control implementation that eliminates the need for a mechanical anti-sway bar.

It also features hydraulic cross-linking of the adaptive dampers and great software. Together, these systems enable real-time adjustability that maintains a balance between ride comfort, handling, and body control, irrespective of the surface on which the vehicle travels. It's pretty impressive!

The oleo-pneumatic cylinders get filled by a recently updated, more silent air compressor, resulting in a vertical travel of around 6.5 inches. The pickup truck can increase its ground clearance from 7.9 inches to 14.4 inches.

Add the fact that the R1T in question has one Bosch motor for each wheel that enables it to put out 835 hp and 908 lb-ft of torque, ten driving modes, and a 135-kWh battery pack, and you get a posh zero-tailpipe emission pickup truck that's immensely capable. It can even hold extra cargo in a cleverly designed gear tunnel.

As such, it's unsurprising that this unit has a starting cost of $87,000. Fortunately, no middlemen are involved, so you won't have to haggle or deal with surprise fees.

Costs serious money, knows how to put on a show

Someone decided to put the R1T to the ultimate pickup truck test and loaded a pallet of concrete mix into its bed. But the maximum payload capacity is 1,760 lb, while the bags filled with construction material weigh around 3,400 lb. Don't worry – the R1T can still tow up to 11,000 lb.

The R1T is pretty good at hauling stuff in its bed. The total range isn't impacted too much by having something to carry in the rear. Aerodynamics is mostly to blame for a slight drop in efficiency.

However, this person loaded a pallet weighing nearly double the truck's carrying capacity. That's why the photos show the EV squatting like there's no tomorrow.

While it may look fun or prove that the R1T can handle more than the manufacturer said it would, it's worth noting that this is potentially bad for the pickup truck and hazardous for other traffic participants. The suspension could collapse, or the tires could explode. That might lead to suddenly losing control of the vehicle.

Finally, we can't help but wonder how this activity impacted the range and the motor output. Also, which of the 10 driving modes did that person use? Maybe they didn't even bother and left it in All-Purpose mode. That would be hilarious! Similarly, did the complicated air suspension system show any accelerated wear signs after the bags were unloaded?

We might never know. But what we do learn from this is that Rivian makes some of the most incredible and most capable all-electric pickup trucks in the US. And yes, everything you saw here was real. Nobody doctored any images just to have poke some fun at an R1T owner.

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