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Ridiculously Simple 3D Printed Dock Is an Android Auto Accessory Everybody Needs

At some level, the wired version of Android Auto comes in much handier than its wireless sibling, simply because it can also charge the Android smartphone at the same time.
3D printed dock for Android Auto 3 photos
3D printed Android Auto dock3D printed Android Auto dock
Sure, the wireless version ships with added convenience, as you no longer need a cable for the whole thing, but overall, some people would rather stick with the standard configuration for the reason mentioned above.

The biggest shortcoming of the wired Android Auto in some cars is the lack of a dedicated dock to securely keep the phone in place, so most of us just have to turn to aftermarket holders or other alternatives like simply putting the mobile device in the cupholder.

Someone on reddit, however, has come up with a ridiculously simple DIY hack, and what’s more, it shared the necessary files for everybody to do the same thing in their cars.

First and foremost, what you see here is a 3D printed dock for Android Auto that’s placed right in the cupholder. Given the cup holder itself comes with a universal design and size, pretty much anyone should be able to use such a dock in their vehicles.

So basically, if your phone has the proper size and can fit a cup holder vertically, it can very well be placed into this dock too, thus making sure it not only charges but also stays in place securely.

The only thing that would need to be improved is how the cable is attached to this 3D printed dock, but given the original design has been shared here, it’s up to you to further polish the project and come up with a better idea.

For now, this basic dock is something that would come in handy to plenty of users out there, especially if the car doesn’t sport a dedicated place to put your phone while driving.


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