Reportedly DUI Driver versus Bike Equals Dislocated Shoulder – Video

Bike vs car in a roudabout 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
The outcome will never be a good one when people using the roads are trusting the power of the road signs alone. I know, it’s a sad, dismal conclusion, but accepting it and learning how to stay on the safe side of life is more important that ending up in wheelchair and mumbling “I has the right of way” for the rest of your life.
It may of course sound too blunt and heartless, but guess what? So are the road accidents, cold, void of any reason and with nasty results… because that’s what accidents are. So maybe riding defensively is after all a much wiser idea than wrongfully assuming that everyone on the road is giving at least half a flying fudge on obeying or for what’s worth – observing the road signs.

Unfortunately, this was not a good day for Soukki44, as the driver inside a car entering the same roundabout didn’t even slow down prior to hitting him and his bike. Now, the youtuber also claims that the driver was under the influence of alcohol, but in the absence of police evidence we can take this with a grain of salt. We have indeed seen a lot of drunk drivers acting just the same way in multiple scenarios but until further evidence is provided, the “allegedly drunk” stays in place.

Watching the video reveals that both road users had the give way sign, but the bike appears to be the first in the roundabout, and this means that the car driver had to yield. Truth be told, the bike doesn’t seem to slow either before entering the roundabout but this is arguably natural, presuming that the rider checked his left and was okay.

Still, Soukki44 was lucky after all, as what could have been a severely injured right leg was a scenario that did not take place. The car missed his leg, but he ended up with a dislocated shoulder. A lot of pain, those who experienced this can vouch for that, but still a much better scenario than a leg smashed to tiny pieces.

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