Spectacular Violent Crash for SxS Driver Speeding on Narrow Track between Dunes

Speeding on narrow roads littered with blind turns was never a good idea and the awesome video after the jump is one of the best ways to prove the truth behind this claim. We have seen motorcycle clashing into each other in the middle of the desert while probably being the only two vehicles in a 1-mile radius, so something very bad happening this time was not at all a surprise. If you want, NOT seeing a crash would have been the real surprise.
When you see this at high speed, tough times are coming 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
Action takes place in the middle of some sand dunes near Winchester Bay in Oregon. Now, speeding along such narrow paths isn’t necessarily a bad thing itself, even if the risk of crashing hard and flipping the vehicle increases with each extra mph one is doing, it looks like it was not only speed which caused the problem.

No certain direction everyone is going

Alongside speeding around bends with almost no visibility, it looks like the very wild character of the road plays a major role in this violent head-on crash. In organized off-roading, some things are known beforehand, and the direction vehicles travel on a certain section is one of these things.

This means that the chances of a head-on impact are absent, provided not rider is idiot enough to drive in the opposite direction. So the very layout of the track and the possibility of rear-ending a stopped or flipped vehicle remain the two major factors which could lead to a crash, plus the rider’s own errors, a thing which must never be underestimated.

The driver got a broken kneecap and ligaments, plus a metal insert in his knee. Some say that wearing knee protectors while riding hard in such conditions could have limited the injuries he sustained, and frankly, so do we. It’s weird to see people refusing to gear up when heading out for off-road rides and knowing they will be throttling hard…

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