Report: Audi RS1 Bringing 310 HP to 2017 Geneva Motor Show

The car world is filled with false rumors. However, the one about an Audi RS1 coming to the 2017 Geneva Motor Show doesn't come with a rendering, which is actually a good thing.
RS1 Sportback rendering 3 photos
Audi RS1 renderingAudi RS1 rendering
You see, when publications want to make a story out of thin air, they cover it up with tinsel and pretty ribbons. Some of them even take the article to print, which somehow makes it more credible.

Anyway, there's an article on a French website Automoto, which is linked to the TF1 television station. And it says Audi will not stop at the S1 and plans to have an RS1 ready by next year's Geneva Motor Show, which is in March 2017.

That's a very short amount of time, so all the testing will not be finished. Another thing we find puzzling is the timing, as the next generation of the A1 supermini will debut in 2018.

Stuffing more power into the body of the A1 is no problem at all, as the S1 already features the Golf GTI's 2.0-liter turbo. All it needs is some tougher internal components, and a few software tweaks and voila, RS1 is served.

Of course, Audi already has a 310 PS 2.0 TFSI in the TTS and S3 facelift. It will also be used by the SQ2 whenever it decides to join the party. So naturally, that's the output being rumored here as well.

The RS1 name was trademarked two years ago and even Audi S1 designer Frank Gruner said adding more power was always possible.

Like all RS models, this one will be an automatic. That's crucial, because the S1 is manual-only, making it slightly slower when launching.

Regarding pricing, this will be the cheapest RS model ever made. However, it will still make the equally powerful Honda Civic Type R seem like an entry-level hatchback. If it truly sees the light of production, the RS1 should be strictly limited and cost upwards of €48,000.

Frankly, that's too much money, but some hardcore fans will pay as long as limited supply keeps resale values intact.


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