SWAT-Bot Is a Mid-Sized Robot That Keeps Villains at Distance

SWAT-Bot Is a Mid Sized Robot That Keeps Villains at Distance 14 photos
Photo: Howe and Howe Technologies
Most of us believe law enforcements usually bring out the big machines whenever SWAT teams kick in to fight the bad guys. Whether they ride BearCats or even bigger armored military vehicles, they’ll sure make every aspiring bank-robber think twice about turning into actual criminals. But there are some auto makers specialized in creating vehicles that really stand as proof that less is more.
SWAT-Bot is another brainchild of the inventors, military contractors and entrepreneurial businessmen Geoff and Michael Howe. The two brothers first gained notoriety in 2001, with the development of the Ripsaw, an unmanned ground vehicle designed for the U.S. military and the world’s fastest tank. At the age of 31, they became the youngest duo to ever receive and prime a U.S. Military contract, working with the U.S. Army developing a weaponized version of Ripsaw.

Their company, Howe and Howe Technologies, is accustomed to creating vehicles of all sorts, that were never thought possible. You might also recognize their two-seasons reality TV show “Black Ops Brothers, Howe and Howe Tech” which aired Wednesday nights on the Discovery Channel.

Now, getting back to the vehicle in question, formally dubbed the RS1-RBS1, it’s a Robotic Ballistic Shield concept crated in coordination with the Massachusetts State Police. It utilizes the company modular platform, a system designed to address the dangers the first responders, military and civilian clients encounter, and to keep them safe from dangerous environments.

To that, its creators also added a collapsible ballistics shield and a hardened steel nose shield to protect those in the line of fire. The Swat Bot offers the operator and team riding it adequate cover from hailing gunfire and explosive scenarios. In specs, we’re looking at a mid-size 2290 lbs (1-ton), made of A440f steel, aircraft grade aluminum and high quality components and it’s powered by a 25 horsepower diesel engine.

It might not look so scary as its bigger brother, but it sure seems capableenough for the job. We have a full photo gallery in case you want to take a closer look and there's also a video below.

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