Renault Found a Way to Embrace the French Fuel Crisis

Renault appears to forget about the other 99.9 percent of its fossil fuel-burning cars and capitalizes on the oil crisis in France by advertising its ZOE electric city car. Well, we guess that making the most of a situation isn't exactly a bad idea.
Renault ZOE 1 photo
France isn't exactly having the time of its life, with a lot of people not very happy about the new labor laws the authorities have been passing. And since a lot can be said about French workers, but not that they're shy of striking, plenty of them have taken to the streets of the capital city to vent their frustration and make their demands heard.

Now that the people who were supposed to man the refineries are on a loud tour of Paris, there is nobody left to turn oil into usable fuel. That means the rest of the French citizens who like to use their cars to go to work or run errands, are put in the delicate situation where they need to manage a fuel supply shortage. We have no idea how exactly they're doing it, but we do know what Renault thinks their course of action should be.

It's easy: buy a car that doesn't run on gasoline, diesel or LPG. And to spare them from the trouble, Renault also presents their best current option: the ZOE B-segment electric hatchback. Basically a Clio with an electric powertrain, the ZOE didn't have the success that Renault had hoped, so if there's anything it can do to boost its sales, it'll be happy to oblige.

Truth be told, the advert published on Twitter (and perhaps other online mediums) is a bit dry, saying that "We may have run out of oil in France, but we've got ZOEs" while picturing the car on a blue backdrop and stating that it's 100% electric. To which we'd answer "Good for you."

Apparently, though, the reaction from the French population was slightly more enthusiastic than that, with phones calls asking about the electric vehicle intensifying by 50 per cent. Whether those calls turn into actual purchases is, of course, a completely different story. Besides, who's to say that when the power industry workers go on strike (and since this is France, it's just a matter of time), Renault won't go into full hypocrite mode and publish a similar ad with the Clio RS?


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