Regular Car Reviews: smart fortwo Is for Pretentious People

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Regular Car Reviews videos have made fun of iconic cars from Ford, Dodge and Volkswagen. Even the V6 Mustang was harshly criticized, so it's not surprising that the smart fortwo is not being take seriously. Or is it?
The clown car looks only represent the first layer of problems, the practicality being the second. The real issue here is not with the product itself, but what its consumers are saying when they buy it. For a smart buyer, anything American isn't good enough, and that's why this is such an unpopular vehicle overseas. What Regular man is trying to tell us with his latest video is that the fortwo appeals to sarcastic nerds, people who act like every other motor on the road is bad.

Nobody likes a know-it-all and nobody likes the 'smart car' because it attempts to impress by affecting greater importance than it possesses.

Is the 2009 model year important? Yes it is, very much so in fact. Before 2008 smart cars were only available in the United States as gray market imports. For about $12,000, the little car started being offered officially and claimed to be the most efficient gasoline engined car for sale in the US. Of course, what they didn't mention was the fact that three hybrid cars were more efficient.

That about sums up everything wrong with the 2-seater: If you want an efficient and clean vehicle, why not get a Prius?

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