Refined Luxury Meets Sustainability Inside This Mobile Two-Bedroom Cabin

The Livable Extend is a carbon-neutral two-bedroom mobile cabin 19 photos
Photo: Salty Builds
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Tiny house living and sustainability go hand in hand. People who want to enjoy maximum freedom and to own a home they can actually afford are usually also passionate about minimizing their environmental footprint, and so are the folks who build these homes, like the Australian brand Salty Builds.
This beautiful cabin is one of the finest examples of a contemporary build that fully embodies the concepts of sustainability, carbon neutrality, and a mobile lifestyle. The two-bedroom configuration makes it a highly versatile option for anyone from couples to families and vacation rental owners. It's as spacious, welcoming, and stylish as a conventional house, yet also boasts all the benefits of typical tiny homes. It doesn't sacrifice what is considered a luxury by contemporary standards, even though its main focus is carbon neutrality.

This is the main philosophy behind the Salty Builds brand, which is bringing to life a new generation of homes that are equipped for the future. They are based on the primary freedom of movement and are built with sustainable materials using eco-friendly techniques. Last but not least, they can be fully outfitted to live off the grid, which further reduces the environmental impact. At the same time, home dwellers get to enjoy high-quality finishes, premium appliances, and enough space for a comfortable year-round lifestyle.

The Livable Extend is extra-long compared to most of the Salty Builds models. It's 14 meters long (46 feet) and 3.5 meters wide (11.4 feet), which allows a generous layout with two separate bedrooms, a full kitchen, a shared bathroom, and a roomy central lounge, all on one level. This is an ideal setup for those who can't or don't want to rely on ladders and stairs for accessing loft bedrooms. It's also one of the most popular configurations in Australia and New Zealand, where tiny homes are often built and styled as indoor/outdoor sanctuaries, with a strong focus on the connection with nature.

The Livable Extend
Photo: Salty Builds
High-quality natural materials are the foundation for this luxury cabin, including termite-resistant timber frames for the exterior, solid hardwood flooring, and plywood cabinetry throughout. The windows are aluminum with SmartGlass, and fiberglass earth wool is used to insulate all the walls, ceilings, and floors.

The Australian builder offers several options for the façade, but one in particular stands out. It's the Abodo Vulcan cladding, which is the brand's premium weatherboard timber. As its name shows, it's created from Abodo's thermally modified New Zealand plantation timber. It doesn't just look stunning, but it's also durable and carbon neutral. According to Salty Builds, each square meter of this 20 mm-thick Vulcan cladding stores 9.7 kg (21.3 lbs) of carbon. Adding the popular traditional Japanese charring technique known as Shou Sugi Ban makes it even more beautiful and long-lasting.

Stepping inside the Livable Extend cabin, you'll notice the same attention to detail and sophisticated style. The bathroom, a space that's often overlooked in smaller dwellings, is remarkably luxurious. A custom-designed concrete vanity seems right out of a luxurious mansion and is a perfect complement to the stone-tiled floors.

The Livable Extend
Photo: Salty Builds
The full-size shower, LED-backlit mirror, and high-quality finishes are also an important part of this contemporary setup. At the same time, the toilet is a composting one, which reflects the brand's seamless mix of luxury and sustainability. This type of toilet is also essential for those who choose an off-grid lifestyle. The Livable Extend can be equipped with a full solar package and other features, such as water tanks for off-grid living.

The kitchen is also a fine example of contemporary elegance. It's minimalistic yet spacious and airy. A large, two-meter (6.5 feet) floating island takes center stage, and it also doubles as a practical dining table, while most of the appliances are neatly integrated onto the opposite side of the kitchen. Storage is kept to a minimum, which prevents this area from looking weighed down and cramped.

Plastered walls are the Salty Builds signature interior, boasting rounded edges and square set corners. Plastered interiors have a unique, highly personalized look and feel and are growing in popularity because they harmonize so well with the concept of sustainability and a return to nature. This technique can add texture and even a sense of dynamics inside homes such as this eco-friendly cabin.

The Livable Extend
Photo: Salty Builds
Windows and huge bi-fold doors are another essential part of the Livable Extend cabin, just like most Australian and Kiwi home designs. In this particular case, each of the two bedrooms has a separate entrance and is fitted with oversized windows that bring the outdoors in.

Oversized windows help this 49-square meter (527 square feet) cabin seem even more spacious and, most importantly, deeply connected to its natural surroundings. As a mobile home, this Aussie model comes on a galvanized, heavy-duty steel chassis and can be easily transported via truck. Designed to be carbon-neutral, sustainable, and fully mobile, the Livable Extend shows the meaning of true luxury.
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