ProTaper Wireless Hour Meter Is an Amazing Add-On for Any Powersports Vehicle

ProTaper reveals the Wireless Hour Meter, a gadget that will help riders steer clear of catastrophic damage their machines can take when service intervals are passed.
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ProTaper Wireless Hour Meter
If you are a powersports enthusiast you know that unlike common road-going vehicles, these machines have different service intervals that are measured in hours instead of kilometers or miles. However, keeping track of the distance is much easier than counting the working hours of your engine.

The ProTaper Wireless Hour Meter solves the problem in an elegant and cheap way. This add-on is exceptionally easy to install on any vehicle, off-road, on-road, 2-stroke or 4-stroke, watercraft, sled, ATV or UTV, and anything in between. This device is universal and can be used with any piece of machinery that has hour-measured service intervals.

Wireless installation, no cables, zero fuss

ProTaper's Wireless Hour Meter is easy to install and pretty much anyone can get it to work. The device needs no wires and this extends its versatility even more. The meter comes with an adhesive "peel and stick" tape and grooves for zip-ties, requiring minimal skills to have it installed.

The device senses vibrations and knows when the engine is running, thus counting the hours, without user intervention. Sealed in a plastic case that meets the requirements of the IP68 standards, the Wireless Hour Meter will remain impervious to water, cold, dust and other elements.

Thanks to solid state components, this meter is also impervious to shocks and will outlive most machines, as ProTaper Brand Manager Paul Perebijnos explains. Small and lightweight, the ProTaper meter also comes with an easy-to-read LCD screen and can count to 999.5 hours. The figure is not resettable when counting total working hours, but partial measurements can be reset, adding to its functionality.

With a price of only $50 (€45), the ProTaper Wireless Hour Counter is a really cheap insurance for your powersport vehicle and even utility machine. And it's no use reminding how expensive the repairs dealing with the damage that can occur by neglecting the service intervals are, is it?

 Download: ProTaper Wireless Hour Meter (PDF)


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