Prime Day 2023: Best Deals for Android Auto Adapters, Dash Cams, GPS Navigators [UPDATED]

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Android Auto adapters help convert a wired connection into wirelessGarmin DriveSmart 55BOSS BCPA9685RCFOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 EliteVIOFO A119 MiniPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesPrime Day 2023 salesSpigen's car charger sports two USB-C ports
Prime Day 2023 is upon us, so if you've been waiting for special prices on your favorite gadgets, this is the best time to put your credit card to serious work.
As it happens every year, Amazon is full of special offers and discounts, so finding the best deal for a specific product is often challenging and time-consuming.

If you're a petrolhead like everybody else at autoevolution, I've compiled a list of discounted products that are undoubtedly worth checking out today. And if your significant other doesn't mind, they might be worth buying too.

Android Auto adapters

Android Auto adapters help convert a wired connection into wireless
Let's start with the category that we regularly cover here on autoevolution. Android Auto adapters allow users to convert the wired version of the system to wireless, giving them the power to connect the phone to the head unit without a cable.

These devices typically come in a small form factor and connect to the USB port of your car. The phone then connects to the device via Bluetooth.

AAWireless pioneered this product category more than a year ago, and fortunately, it's now available at the lowest price since its launch. It can be yours for $63.99, down from the regular $79.99 price.

Motorola's MA1 (an Android Auto adapter that Google presented during the 2022 I/O developer event) didn't get a Prime Day price cut, but there's currently a 6% discount, so you can get it for $84.94. Still, if you're looking for a cheaper alternative to AAWIreless, Dododuck's product is worth a look. The device is available today for just $39.99, down from $69.99, and it offers similar options to convert Android Auto wired to wireless. It features a different design, but the feature lineup is otherwise identical.

CARLIET's adapter is also available for cheap, as it received a price cut from $59.99 to $42.

If you use CarPlay and want to go wireless, CarlinKit is available at special prices today. Version 4.0 sports a 47% discount, so it's available for a limited time for just $55.69.

The new version - CarlinKit 5.0 also received a price cut, and you can get it today for $71.99 (reduced from $89.99). It works with most cars, including 2023 model years equipped with wired CarPlay.

GPS navigators

Garmin DriveSmart 55
Photo: Garmin
They say GPS navigators are dead as Google Maps and Waze dominate the navigation space. However, this product category lives on because it provides significant benefits, including more convenient navigation without installing the phone on the dashboard.

Garmin is one of the companies that still believe in these devices, and the company is offering special prices on two of its navigators this Prime Day.

Dezl OTR500 can be yours today for $199 (down from $299), while DriveSmart 55 received a $80 discount to sell for $149.

Thanks to a mobile companion app, Garmin's devices come with regular map updates and smartphone connectivity. Considering Garmin's know-how in the GPS market, its devices ship with accurate maps and top-notch capabilities, offering great value for the money.

If you're particularly interested in the money bit, you can get the RONGJI 7-inch navigator for just $59 today. The parent company also promises regular updates, but I don't expect anyone to benefit from lifetime support at this price point. The device has good reviews and does its job correctly, but the lack of accurate maps could make it obsolete in the long term.

Car AV receivers

Photo: BOSS
If you're looking for an infotainment upgrade in your car, Prime Day 2023 is the perfect moment to do it. BOSS sells two of its models, BCPA9685RC and BVCP9700A, at special prices. The first costs $135 (down from $169), while the latter is up for grabs for $161 (a significant discount from $285). Both offer Android Auto and CarPlay support and a touchscreen for convenient interaction with Google Maps and Waze.

JENSEN also joined the Prime Day 2023 fun with two media receivers. The CM9MIR 9-inch unit costs just $119 today, while the 7-inch J1CA7 model costs $143.

They offer Android Auto and CarPlay support, USB music playback, and other extras like reverse camera input for parking.

OBD2 scanners

FOXWELL Car Scanner NT604 Elite
Nobody likes going to a mechanic, and because diagnosing error codes takes just a few seconds, more drivers invest in OBD2 scanners to figure out what's wrong with their cars.

Autel's popular MS309 scanner costs $18 today, while LAUNCH offers the CR529 (which has proven particularly useful for older Japanese vehicles) at $31, down from $56.

If you're interested in professional solutions, FOXWELL NT604 Elite offers advanced diagnosis at $135, while the super-premium INNOVA 5610 costs $276 today, down from $330. LAUNCH also discounted its more advanced product, the CRP123X Elite, which has a price tag of $141 this Prime Day. It comes with free lifetime updates and support for over 57 brands.

As a new feature, this tool can also run battery tests and check the VIN for additional vehicle information.

If you're interested in a cheaper but more potent scanner, the popular Thinkdiag adapter cost $83 today, down from the $120 original price. It uses Bluetooth to connect to a mobile device, just like a regular ELM327 adapter.

Dash cams

VIOFO A119 Mini
Photo: VIOFO
The popularity of dash cams has been skyrocketing lately, mainly because they can record everything in front of the car, serving as the eyewitness that nobody wants but still needs.

VIOFO 119 is available today for $79. I purchased this camera at the full $100 price, and I think it offers excellent value for the money, with 4K resolution in daytime and decent video quality in total darkness. I configured the camera to create 3-minute recordings, and with a 64GB microSD card, it typically deletes older files after approximately one week. VIOFO offers special prices on several other models, including the premium A129 Pro Duo (available for $186 today, down from $290) and the A119 MINI (the smaller version of my dash cam). The MINI's price went down from $150 to $109.

The super-popular 70mai 1S costs just $32 today. It still impressed with a small form factor, so it won't obstruct your view when installing it close to the mirror. True 2.7K carries a $72 price tag this Prime Day sale, while Omni 360, which sports a rotating design and AI-powered motion detection, can be yours for $160 (down from $200).

WOLFBOX G840S and Vantrue X45 Duo offer a similar feature lineup for $117 and $130, respectively. The latter comes with front and rear cameras and a $100 discount from the original price. Cobra is selling its SC 400D dashcam, which sports live police alerts, for $280, down from $392.

If you drive a truck and want a reverse camera with high-quality video, AMTIFO sells its A8 model bundle (including a 7-inch display) for just $110. Furrion Vision S includes backup cameras with left and right running lights at $272 (down from $350), while LeeKooLuu has a 7-inch display and a Bluetooth parking camera at just $99.99.

Car chargers

Spigen's car charger sports two USB\-C ports
Photo: Amazon
Car chargers have become must-have equipment for modern drivers, and this year's Prime Day sale includes several models worth checking out.

Anker, one of the top brands in this product category, cut the price of its A2725 charger from $45.99 to $23.99. This model includes two USB-C ports and offers up to 50W charging speeds.

A2720, a version that includes one USB-C and one USB-A port with a maximum of 32W charging speed, is available today for $14.44, down from $25.99.

Belking joined the Prime party with a 30W Type-C fast car charger available for $15.99 (down from $19.99).

And so did Spigen, whose 65W car charger with two USB-C ports (45W and 20W, respectively) can be yours today for $23.99 (reduced from $31.99).

UGREEN sells a car charger not with one, not with two, but with three different ports. The fastest reaches 65W charging speeds. It carries a price tag of $19.99 today, down from the regular price of $29.99.
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