Possible Sighting of the Tesla Model S Facelift

The recently shown Model 3 may be grabbing all the headlines, but there's still time to make two babies until the actual car will be among us (well, among Tesla employees and previous Tesla models owners, to be more exact, and perhaps there's time for one more baby until the rest of us will get it).
Possible Tesla Model S facelift 1 photo
Photo: WestCoastP85D on TMC
However, Tesla won't be focusing all its attention on the first mass-market product built by the company, and a slight refresh for the successful on its own right Model S is in store no later than this month.

Nobody knows exactly what to expect, but if Tesla borrows the traditional facelift procedures from the rest of the industry, we could witness some minor aesthetic modifications, as well as new tech and features.

Not so common is the rumor that the S will receive a price buff, probably meant to set it further apart from the upcoming Model 3. The increase will be backed by some added goodies so that the clients won't feel tricked or ripped off. In the US, the Model S currently starts at $70,000, but can go as high as $138,000 for a fully-equipped P90D.

Taking his car to be serviced, Tesla Motors Club member WestCoastP85D spotted a few Model S Teslas sitting in a car park of the Fremont factory wearing shipping foil over their noses and butts. He took a photo, but he didn't give it much thought. As he got home, he went over the image and sensed something might have been off. So he posted the picture on TMC with the title "Is this the Model S Refresh?"

The truth is that these images are very similar to the UFO sightings from decades ago, meaning that they are so grainy they could be showing almost anything. What's very annoying in this particular case is that the only reason the image of the Tesla isn't clear is because WestCoastP85D focused in on the wire fence instead of the car. But with the way the focusing system on smartphones works, we guess it's not really his fault.

As for the car, it's really hard to tell. Unless there's some sort of protective foam pieces of something under that tape, then there's definitely something different about the front of these Teslas. And the changes do seem to be in line with the Model X's design, so WestCoastP85D might be on to something.

Now, on a personal note, I prefer the looks of the Model S to the Model X's, and would really hate it if Tesla decided to mimic all the other manufacturers and make its vehicles all too similar. As things are right now, the three S E X models have sufficient resembling traits to be instantly associated with Tesla, but to still keep their own personality. That's something other car companies should kill for, so it would be a shame if Tesla ruined it by making the S way too similar to the X. We'll just have to wait and see whether that'll be the case or not.
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