Porsche Name Has Fingers in All Pies. Even in the Monitor and Display Business

By now we’re sure you’ve noticed the amount of Porsche attention on our site this month. True, it is Porsche Month here at AutoEvolution. But Porsche is so much more than just cars or automotive presence. Porsche is about lifestyle.
AOC Q27T1 monitor 6 photos
Photo: Studio F.A. Porsche
We're sure that over the years you’ve seen Porsche Design products that really have nothing to do with the car. From shoes, to sound systems and hookahs, the Porsche genetics have become a presence in our lives through more than just cars. This time, that genetics comes in the shape and function of a PC monitor from AOC.

Studio F.A. Porsche has recently collaborated with AOC to create a whole line of display monitors for AOC’s pickier customers. But AOC is already an established company, and so is Studio F.A., so why go out and make monitors together?

It’s really simple. For Studio F.A. Porsche, such a collaboration is exactly what they look for. Products that don’t have much to do with the cars themselves, but a whole lot to do with Porsche history and design. Because of the knowledge accumulated over the years, Studio F.A. can really bring a fresh automotive look to a monitor. For them it’s about extending far beyond the dynamics of vehicles. So far in that a development project in Kuala Lumpur has been underway since 2016, bearing Studio F.A. Porsche' design.

Photo: Studio F.A. Porsche
For AOC it seems to be even simpler. Even though AOC is an established display and monitor manufacturer with their own design team, such a collaboration helps take hold of another niche in the market. On top of it all, they can now say that these products have the Porsche gene. This alone should help market them a little easier.

So what makes the Q27T1 special? Well, when we first look at it, not much is sparked within the mind. But once you get to know her, you’ll understand what happened. Sure, it’s just a monitor, but come on, it’s Porsche somewhere in there.

Actually, the exterior design is entirely Studio F.A. Its most attractive element would be the asymmetrical base and stand. Unlike most stands on such products, this design broke away for the symmetrical standard that every other manufacturer uses. One top it’s made of automotive grade metals.

The next point of focus for the monitor was adapting something called frame-less technology. What does this mean? Frameless tech is used to offer a viewing surface that extends further than the classic limits set by displays. Usually, our monitors have a half-inch to an inch of support around the screen, the Q27 does not. The entire display has been crafted using zero-edge design. This means the 3 of the four edges of the monitor eliminates those edges we mentioned earlier. The result, an image that seems to be floating in your field of vision.

Photo: Studio F.A. Porsche
That 27-inch diagonal, comes equipped with something called Quad HD resolution. Offering a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, it achieves a pixel density higher than standard HD displays, bringing with it a better image as well. A 75Hz refresh rate and a 5 ms response time offer you the image you need when you need it. Imagine it like a turbo on a car, when you press it you’ll get the power you wished for.

The back of the entire monitor shows us the workings behind the stand and how it operates. At the back we can also find the plug-in ports for the Q27, all hidden neatly away by the panel to the right of the stand. This keeps it’s look sleek and clean. Quite “Porsche-y” is you ask us.

The next biggest question in all of this, is whether or not Studio F.A. offices use this product. Because if they do, that’s just smart business.
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