Porsche Macan Gets 5-Star Safety Rating from Euro NCAP

Porsche expects the Macan to be their new bread and butter model as the company hopes to nearly double its sales over the following years. Most of the people paying top dollar/euro for this SUV expect many things from it, including premium features, nice design and safety. After the latest batch of Euro NCAP tests, it seems this won't be a problem, since the full 5-star rating was awarded.
Porsche Macan Gets 5-Star Safety Rating from Euro NCAP 1 photo
The Macan stood up well to all the crash tests performed on it. Front impact with 40% overlap, side impact and side poll test – the passengers fared well in all these scenarios, as dummy readings showed either good or adequate protection. The Macan scored maximum points in the side barrier test, with good protection of all critical body regions.

As for child occupant protection, the Porsche SUV received an 87% score, the highest out of all the test results released today (on par with the Passat). Euro NCAP noted that the passenger airbag can be disabled and all the child restraints it uses for the tests can be properly installed.

That huge clamshell bonnet does pose a risk in case of a pedestrian crash. The whole front edge was very damaging and scored zero points. The protection offered to a pedestrian's head by the surface of the bonnet ranged from marginal at the outside edges to good in the central region.

Euro NCAP said the ESP system was OK and that lane assist is standard on all cars. However, it's worth noting that the same SUV performed badly in an independent moose test performed by a Swedish journalists. It didn't roll over, but the electronic systems kept the car in the opposite late for too long and the tall body hindered quick direction changes.

What's perhaps most interesting about this crash test is the actual model they used. It's not only right-hand drive, but has also been equipped with a "2.0 TFSI", otherwise known as an Audi Q5 engine that's only available in parts of Asia, not Europe. Could this have been a sneaky trick on Porsche's part?

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