Pizza Delivery Car Gets Stolen In Blizzard, It Gets Returned With Full Tank

2008 Saturn Astra 5 photos
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The issues kept coming for Josh Cook after his 2008 Saturn Astra was stolenThe issues kept coming for Josh Cook after his 2008 Saturn Astra was stolen2008 Saturn AstraHis original post got over 1,000 shares on Facebook
A Canadian man got his car stolen while he was delivering pizza during a snowstorm.
Josh Cook was using his only car, a 2008 Saturn Astra, to supply the Italian dish and he had left it running while he went into an apartment building to serve a customer. He did not get to meet with the client, because he recognized the sound of his Astra’s engine revving, and ran back to see it drive off.

Unfortunately for him, he left his phone in his car, so he went on with his delivery and tried to get help afterward. Law enforcement did not help as much as he had hoped, so he turned to Facebook, where the post that announced his situation got over 1,000 shares.

He tried to track down his phone, and even got an address out of it, but the vehicle was not there. The next night, one of his friends was driving on the same street where Josh Cook’s vehicle was stolen, and spotted the car parked there.

His friend called him, and he came with the spare key and found his car in bad shape. Josh says that his Saturn has damage to the transmission, suspension, and exhaust, and he thinks it is because the joyriders abused the car.

According to Josh Cook, his car was about 10 feet from where he had left it, but all of his possessions were gone, except for a CD. He did find a snow shovel on the back seat, along with a used lottery ticket. The fuel tank had also been filled.

That said, his car was no longer running properly, and he believes that it will be written off by insurance, but he has suffered from delays from his current provider. He fears this will bring serious financial issues for him, as that car is his sole source of income, and he was struggling to make ends meet as it was.

The police have not found the culprit yet, but Cook thinks that the lottery ticket that he found might be used to discover who was the person that stole his car.

As CBC notes, these tickets are sold in convenience stores, and these can be tracked to the place of purchase based on their serial number. From there, all he needs is a security camera that works, and a police officer willing to investigate the case to the end.

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