Opel Ampera-e Commercial Doesn't Feature the Car at All, But God Makes a Cameo

While American EV enthusiasts have the Chevrolet Bolt to look forward to, people in Europe will be treated to its German cousin called Opel Ampera-e.
Opel Ampera-e commercial 5 photos
Photo: YouTube screenshot
Opel Ampera-e commercialOpel Ampera-e commercialOpel Ampera-e commercialOpel Ampera-e commercial
It looks like GM made it a priority to confuse its potential clients with the names chosen for these two models. If the Bolt is nothing but a Volt with a typo ("B" and "V" are next to each other, after all), the Opel's model follows a similar recipe by adding a hyphen and an "e" to the already existing Ampera.

Obviously, GM wants to create some sort of connection between this new model and the moderately successful range-extended EVs it launched a few years ago. In reality, they couldn't be more different, and even though GM seems not to realize it, that's actually a good thing.

The Bolt appears to have arrested the spotlight, which is probably making the Ampera-e a little jealous. To make things right, the German electric hatchback is counter-attacking with this 30-second commercial.

So, what's it like? Well, even though they speak English, it is very, extremely German, but we don't find it that bad. Let me rephrase that: we think it's so bad, it actually starts to become funny. And funny commercials are always good commercials.

As expected, the unique selling proposition chosen by the the Opel officials is Ampera-e's remarkable range of 500 km (using the NEDC rating; it's actually 238 miles according to EPA, which corresponds to 383 km), but its stealth rating also gets a mention.

It looks like people have split feelings about it, but we think that's just because everyone wants to be as politically correct as possible these days, and they are looking for every chance they can get to feel outraged by something. "Oh my God, they killed a bug! You, bastards!"

Just don't read any of the comments, forget you read this text and see for yourself. Besides, it takes guts to make a spot where you don't show the product - for that alone, Opel deserves to be commended.

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