On Morons Who Can't Tell the Difference between Drive and Reverse

Dumb driver running over a bike... in reverse 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
I said this thing before and I will always repeat this: driving a vehicle is NOT for everyone. Just because someone is a human being, it doesn't mean they are fit to operate vehicles on public roads. Funny thing, a guy who once said to me I had a nazi way of seeing things was crashed into by the exact type of driver I was ranting about. Now he's is also "nazi", please bear with the word.
Just as speaking foreign languages such as Finnish or German is a thing that not all the people can do, driving is not for everyone. Regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity and pretty much all similar variables, operating a vehicle properly and safely on public roads is a thing some people will never learn. And they should never be allowed to.

The internet is littered with thousands of videos showing people who have ABSOLUTELY NO CLUE about how to park a car or, for what's worth, to take that car out of a parking spot. The same goes for people who mistake the brake pedal with the gas one, or the Drive mode of their automatic gearboxes with the reverse one.

These mistakes must not be tolerated

Some might say that such errors do happen. NO. These are errors that don't happen to people who actually know how to drive a car. It's like saying that instead of steering to the right to follow the road, a driver accidentally turned to the left and plunged 300 feet off a cliff into the ocean.

Well, this was a very costly mistake, don't you think? And even referring to it as being a simple "mistake" sounds hypocritical. You wouldn't take things so lightly if you were in the car driven by this "mistake guy", would you?

A driver with real, proper training, and whose skills have been properly tested does not make such mistakes as switching to Reverse instead of Drive. And even if such a thing did happen, a real driver would lift the foot off the gas pedal and press the brake one, instead of driving 30 feet or so and running a bike over.

I am really happy to see the rider safe, even though I feel for the guy's loss. I hope it's not going to be too long until he gets a new bike. A guy asks me "what if this was done on purpose, in sheer road rage?" Well, then it's jail time for the driver, I guess...

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