Odd $1,250 Dog Funeral Has Audi A8 Driving the Pet on Its Last Ever Trip

The Audi A8 long-wheelbase with a W12 engine is one of the company’s models being built locally in China, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the favorite cars in the communist country. But to see a funeral procession of a dog using a fleet of the 500-horsepower four wheelers is far from being just opulent, it’s weird.
Odd $1,250 Dog Funeral Has Audi A8 Driving the Pet on Its Last Ever Trip 1 photo
Believe it or not, the image of a dog on the front shield of the black Audi A8 is actually what it looks like. We are talking about the car transporting the body of a 9-year-old puppy who passed away after suffering a heart attack. According to local reports, the owner of the pooch spent 8,000 yuan ($1,250 at the current exchange rate) for this rather peculiar funeral procession in honor of her late pet.

As expected, the particular service came as a surprise to passers-by in Taobao as the fleet of luxury vehicles would carry a photo of the pet, passing through the city. According to local newspaper Vision Times, the dog’s owner commissioned a local company to hold a formal ceremony. Apparently, she found out about this funeral service business for pets from a neighbor’s recommendation.

The founder of the company, Zhou Jinxia is a young entrepreneur who gave up his own career in computer science five years ago and established this small business in Shanghai. Believe it or not, but it would seem the pet funeral service is a newly emerging business in China.

In other words, the W12 Audi A8 is a dog-hearse and is one of many such vehicles they use to transport late pets. Why? Well, Zhou believes the last farewell should be in peace and harmony whether it’s for a human or an animal. As if all these weren’t good enough to creep the hell out of our Friday afternoon, it would seem the dog’s owner and other families even laid wreaths for the dog and gave eulogies.


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