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NYPD Seizes Car With Shocking $60,000 in Unpaid Tolls

Early last month, we showed you three New York City bridge tolls every petrolhead should avoid on their road trips through the city and how to get around them. Think the extra time needed to take an alternate route is unnecessary? Well, look at what happened when one person decided they’d rather just not pay.
Car seized by NYPD due to unpaid tolls 6 photos
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The Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority of New York City told the New York Daily News that they’d impounded a vehicle attempting to cross the infamous Whitestone bridge between the boroughs of Queens and the Bronx that owed a scarcely believable $58,000 in unpaid tolls and accrued late fees.

The owner of the vehicle was not at the wheel at the time of the impound, and no arrests are known to have been made at the scene. It is known that the owner received “notifications detailing outstanding tolls and fees due and noting that enforcement action would be taken,” according to the MTA. This organization oversees NYC bridge and tunnel infrastructure.

Amazingly, this incident comes only a week after it was reported a city transit bus superintendent owed more than $100,000 in tolls and fees to the tolling Authority of New York.

Authorities say the vehicle’s registration was prevented from being suspended by switching the number plate with the state DMV. Reports claim the high-ranking member of the public transit system boasted to his colleagues about his scheme to fool his employers out of six digits worth of unpaid tolls.

Over 5,000 vehicles have been seized by the NYPD since most bridges and tolls in the area converted to entirely cashless tolling systems back in 2017. Over $6 million in restitution has been claimed from delinquent drivers in settlements with New York State.

Undoubtedly a great source of revenue for city services, but no less of a nightmare for the drivers audacious enough to try and spite the MTA, you poor, poor saps.


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