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Google Maps Might Copy Another Big Waze Feature

As everybody knows already, Google owns two different navigation apps, namely Google Maps and Waze, and while this doesn’t make much sense for some people, the company keeps both of them on the market and continues to improve them regularly.
Google Maps already displays toll info but without any cost estimates 6 photos
Google Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll informationGoogle Maps toll information
But a new Google Maps feature that could make its way to the app rather sooner than later may actually be borrowed from Waze, with a recent report indicating the Mountain View-based search giant wants to bring toll estimates to the route preview screen.

In other words, whenever you launch Google Maps and try to set up a new destination for navigation, the application should be able to display how much you’d have to pay for tolls.

This way, users should be able to estimate the total costs per each route and make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing which way to go.

If you believe you’ve seen this feature somewhere else, it’s because Waze has been offering such functionality for several years already. The Google-owned application does come with information on various costs, including tolls and gas prices, some of them provided by map editors and users themselves.

Just like Google wants to do in Google Maps, Waze displays the toll costs in the route preview screen, therefore allowing users to see how fast they’d reach their destination but also to estimate how much they have to pay by using a specific route.

At this point, this new Google Maps feature is still in its early days, though. The idea is currently under consideration in the Google Maps preview program, and the dev team just wants to find the best way to introduce it, as obviously, the whole thing must be as accurate as possible, especially given the huge number of users relying on a regular basis on the information provided by Google Maps.

There’s no ETA right now as to when the new feature could launch.


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