Not Sure If This VW Vanagon Shouldn’t Be Listed in the Real Estate Section

Modified VW Vanagon for sale 8 photos
Photo: User on Craigslist
Modified Volkswagen VanagonModified Volkswagen VanagonModified Volkswagen VanagonModified Volkswagen VanagonModified Volkswagen VanagonModified Volkswagen VanagonModified Volkswagen Vanagon
Browsing through the vehicles on sale in this country, you come across all sorts of weird things, cars that their owners probably loved a lot, but are now in a state that prohibits them from ever being loved by anybody else.
Take this delusional owner of what was once a Volkswagen Vanagon (Transporter T3 van). The poor thing looks like it ended up in the hands of a madman, the kind of person who, if he were a plastic surgeon, would put chicken wings instead of arms on a patient because it would “get lot of looks.” That’s how he defends advertises his choice of putting a wooden door on the side of the van, probably complete with hinges that screak.

As is the case with all such abominations, it even has a name. In this case, it’s Vermont (not sure if the “lol” inserted afterwards is part of the name or not, but considering how serious the seller is about his car, we’d assume it’s not). The owner doesn’t say why he wants to part with Vermont, but given his trade options (Ford F-250 Flatbed or “something like mini homeish, school bus”), we’d guess his family has outgrown the space provided by Vermont and needs something bigger.

According to the description, Vermont can sleep up to four individuals, presumably thanks to that pop-up tent on the top. It has a stove, a sink, a heater, new chairs up front and seatbelt-equipped rear bench with an extra removable rear-facing seat. What it also has and it doesn’t say in the description (even though the pictures make it quite obvious) is tons of dirt, filth and most certainly germs, bacteria and fungi. If you bought this, you’d need to have it fumigated before venturing inside.

If you’re going for that homeless look, then this is the car for you. The exterior is pretty beaten down with the bodywork dented up front, the paint looking scorched as hell and all those wooden bits that make it look as if it could be listed in the real estate section if it got rid of the wheels. And, at $3,000, it’s not exactly cheap. But, hey, it’s got new tires.

You can see the whole ad on craigslist, even though we’d understand if you skipped it.
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