Nissan Patrol Burnout Ends in Smoke, Sparks, and Probably Some Tears

The Nissan Patrol is an excellent off-road vehicle, and you only need to see two things to know that. One is the badge on the SUV: Nissan is known to produce vehicles that can handle themselves beyond where the asphalt ends.
Nissan Patrol burnout 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Facebook
The second is just the way this car looks. Without the stock front bumper - a modification a lot of people make, partly to increase the approach angle, but also to make room for the winch - and a jacked-up suspension, the Patrol seems ready to take you just about anywhere - from Santa's home in the snow to Ali Baba's cave in the desert.

Yes, it is very capable, but that doesn't mean it can do anything. Sometime in the history of carmaking, somebody had the great idea of separating them into different types of vehicles, each excelling in its own field. There were cars built to go fast, so the emphasis was put on aerodynamics, a suspension system that would maintain contact with the ground as often as possible and high-revving engines.

And then there were cars meant to cross all imaginable terrains, so they got mushy suspensions to soften up the bumps, big tires with specially-designed threads and engines that deliver plenty of torque. Well, somewhere down the line something bad happened and SUVs started getting pretty capable V8 engines, which is probably why some owners were confused and believed they drove a weird-looking sports car.

That would explain why somebody from Perth, Australia thought it would be cool to pull a burnout in their Nissan Patrol. And, for just about 17 seconds or so, they were absolutely right. After two failed attempts, the SUV managed to turn itself into a smoke machine and keep it going long enough. Long enough for the car's crankshaft pulley (or maybe it's something else) to come off, bounce off the pavement and throw some sparks around like it was New Year's Eve. But the best part of this video is the reaction of the filming guy. That changes the grade of this video from a decent 7.5 to a full ten.

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