Nissan GT-R Disintegrates After 100 MPH Street Lamp Crash in Russia

Those who criticize the Nissan GT-R most often point their fingers at Godzilla for being a supercar that’s too easy to drive. However, this is far from making the GT-R impossible to crash, as the video below demonstrates.
Nissan GT-R totaled after 100 mph crash in Russia 1 photo
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The footage comes from Russia, where the driver of such a Nissan decided to fully dip into the car’s assets on public roads. The man managed to lose control of his GT-R and ended up in a serious crash, one that could've ended in a tragic manner.

The driver in question is Andrey Yeshchenko, a 31-year-old football player, who was driving his GT-R on a road in Krasnodar. The incident may have happened earlier this year, but the point about the GT-R still stands.

The Japanese supercar hit a street lamp on the side of a two-lane road while doing over 100 mph (160 km/h). It seems the GT-R crashes into the concrete pole as if subjected to a small overlap impact test.

Given the serious velocity of the impact, it’s only natural for heavy consequences to occur. While the street lamp falls to the ground, taking down some electricity cables it was sustaining, the car simply disintegrates.

As you can see in the image above, the GT-R was totaled in the impact. Then again, the car’s safety structure did an excellent job, absorbing the force of the hit.

As a result, the driver managed to escape the crash with just minor injuries, a feat that would probably be extremely hard to believe for somebody who only watches the impact.

While we’re at it, we’ll go ahead and explain there’s a greater issue with GT-Rs than the one mentioned above. During normal driving, these aren’t much more fun to drive than your average Nissans, which might push less responsible owners, such as the one we’re discussing here, to push their supercars to the limit in order to enjoy the performance these are able to deliver.

Let’s hope this crash can teach many hooning-friendly drivers a lesson on the dangers of speeding, especially inside a city.

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