Nissan and BMW Allegedly Considering Direct Formula E Involvement

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With most manufacturers now switching their attention toward production electric cars, the Formula E is quickly becoming what motorsport was always supposed to be: a testing bed for new technologies that will eventually make it onto the companies' mass market products. So we get better cars to drive while also being entertained. Aren't we spoiled?
Nissan is currently the number one seller of electric vehicles of all time, its Leaf compact EV having registered encouraging results throughout the world. Still, with Tesla readying a direct competitor in the form of the Model 3 and more and more manufacturers becoming interested in the alternative propulsion systems, it's hardly the time to rest on its laurels.

BMW, on the other hand, is a premium manufacturer with a dedicated range for hybrid and electric vehicles. Right now, its only fully-electric model is the i3 city car, but the upcoming i5 could be doubling that number. However, despite moderate advancements in battery technology, everybody seems to believe that the future is electric, so the presence in Formula E would appear justified.

Things aren't that simple, though. Speaking to Autosport, Nissan admitted to being on a "fact-finding" mission while it is reevaluating its motorsport priorities after pulling out of LMP1. But for Nissan to enter Formula One, it would first need approval from its partners at Renault, who are already deeply involved in the competition. A possible Nissan entrance would mean the two competing against each other, which would be an unusual situation.

BMW has had ties with the series from the beginning, but it's the first time the Bavarians are considering actually taking part in the competition. The main deterrent so far has been the mid-race car swap, but starting with the 2018-2019 campaign, the series could change to a single car per race.

Jaguar has recently confirmed its involvement in the competition starting next season, which will debut this fall. Besides Renault, the other major car maker directly involved is DS - PSA's luxury brand - but it is believed that Volkswagen is considering to move in as well. With Formula One in a decline and electric cars rising in popularity, Formula E could very soon turn into a fiercely disputed competition. What are we talking about - it already is. Watch this clip below from this year's Mexico City ePrix if you don't trust us. The commentator was right: "it's like wacky races."

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