Watch Chris Birch Pushing the KTM 1190 Adventure to the Limit

Chris Birch training with the KTM 1190 Adventure 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
We've seen Chris Birch wreaking havoc behind the bars of a KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure R on more than one occasion, and we also saw cutscenes recorded during his performance, showing spectacular slow-motion action.
However, seeing him riding may trick people into believing that things are easy as pie, everything is easy, and all it takes is a bike, some spare time and a small grain of craziness. Well, this is partly correct, as all these can be found on the ingredients list of "how to become one of the coolest riders in the world."

The only things that are easy when it comes to riding the way chaps like Birch do are failing and getting hurt. Indeed, it's easy to make mistakes and crash, sometimes with injuries also accompanying the fall.

Mind you, even the top enduro riders DO make mistakes and crash, and they DO get hurt despite wearing the best protective gear money can buy. This sport is dangerous also because of the less predictable riding surface that demands both extra care and better skills.

This figure eight thing may also look easy, but considering that the 1190 Adventure weighs 210 kg (464 lb) dry, things are way different from what riding a 2-stroke 125cc bike is like.

Keeping the weight of the 1190 balanced at such leaning angles is anything but easy, and having a leg caught under all that weight surely doesn't sound nice at all.

The cool thing is that pretty much anyone can start training like this, because all it takes is a patch of land and some digging. The tracks are supposed to dig themselves under the action of your bike's tires, provided that you do the right thing with the motorcycle.

This type of practice will enhance your cornering skills and weight-shifting technique, and you should be able to ride harder when leaving the asphalt behind.

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