Largest EV Gathering at Berlin ePrix Is Recognized as World Record

2015 Berlin ePrix EV gathering 7 photos
Photo: Formula E
Record EV gathering at 2015 Berlin ePrixRecord EV gathering at 2015 Berlin ePrixRecord EV gathering at 2015 Berlin ePrixRecord EV gathering at 2015 Berlin ePrixRecord EV gathering at 2015 Berlin ePrixRecord EV gathering at 2015 Berlin ePrix
Go to the center of any city during rush hour and this puny gathering of 576 EVs will look like a lonely crowd to be in compared to the number of cars with internal combustion engines you’ll find there.
And yet it was enough to grant it a World Record title, beating the previous highest number of electric vehicles in one place at a time held by a parade in California. Only 507 vehicles turned up for that event, but judging by the current proliferation of battery-powered cars and scooters, Berlin’s record isn’t exactly safe in the long run.

Still, these people don’t just happen to run into each other - something needs to draw them together. In the case of the Berlin gathering, it was the Formula E Berlin ePrix held on the makeshift circuit on the city’s Tempelhof Airport. As a side note, because two of the airport’s hangars are now used to house Syrian refugees, next year’s German ePrix will have to look for a new host. Street races in Berlin and Munich have been taken into consideration, but the most likely option places next year’s race on Norisring, near Nuremberg. A decision still hasn’t been made, though.

Whatever happens, this year’s Tempelhof airport race will go down in history as the host of the world’s current greatest EV gathering. Tens of Citroën C-Zeros and large numbers of Nissan LEAFs dominated the crowd of silent cars, but other types of electric vehicles were present as well, together with large numbers of electric scooters.

While most of the participants were Germans, others came in from as far as Turkey or even India. As it turned out, it was worth it as they became part of a historical moment. All the vehicles completed a lap of the 1.5 miles long circuit before lining up for the limited number of charging ports available. We’re joking about that last part, but still, some temporary black-outs might have occurred that day in the region.

Even though the event took place all the way back in May, it only now got the official recognition as a World Record. The organizer, Swiss Environmental Adventurer Louis Palmer - holder of the “Champion of the Earth Award” - hasn’t said anything about any future plans, but expect others to try and steal the prize. America, it’s your turn now.
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