Nico Rosberg's Off-Road Driving Skills Are Just Awful

Nico Rosberg is definitely the man of the moment in Formula One, but that's not just because he won this season's Championship title. One day after he managed to win it by finishing third in Abu Dhabi, he announced his retirement from the competition.
Nico Rosberg goes off-road 8 photos
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Nico Rosberg goes off-roadNico Rosberg goes off-roadNico Rosberg goes off-roadNico Rosberg goes off-roadNico Rosberg goes off-roadNico Rosberg goes off-roadNico Rosberg goes off-road
Nico is just 31, so age is not an issue. What else could possess a man to determine him to quit just after he had achieved the greatest possible result? Is it the fact that there are no challenges left for him? How about defending your title? That's a pretty daunting task considering you only won it by five points, you won fewer races than the guy in second (teammate Hamilton) and the only reason you finished top is because of the multiple technical difficulties Lewis had during the season.

But, whatever, we can't know what's going on through his mind and how exhausting it is to compete in the Formula One. Maybe Nico just wants to have fun and enjoy the rest of his life stress-free. After winning a few million dollars, most of us would do the same.

Whatever Nico chooses to do in the future, one thing is certain: he won't become an off-road instructor. During an event organized by Mercedes-Benz (these things might just be half the reason he chose to resign), Nico had to drive a few "lucky" fans around an off-road course in a GLE-Class SUV.

Despite its luxury credentials, the car is actually quite capable on rough terrain, so you can't blame any of the blunders on the vehicle itself. It's much more likely Nico's fault, but in his defense, it did look like he was in a playful mood, so he might had been just fooling around.

You can see him locking the wheels as the car went down the slope - despite the fact the GLE comes with an excellent hill descent control feature - or struggling with going uphill. He was definitely there to entertain the guests, but even if he wasn't, it's not like Formula One and off-road driving have anything in common. Actually, they do: you can retire after winning a major competition from both.

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