New York Banning the Sale of New Internal Combustion Engine Cars and Trucks by 2035

New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed a piece of legislation resembling that signed by California Governor Newsom last year, effectively banning the sales of new, internal combustion engine cars and light-duty trucks by 2035.
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The legislation also bans new heavy and medium-duty trucks, but their timetable is a little more relaxed – they'll need to be in the “zero-emissions” category by 2045, as reported by CNBC. That being said, medium and heavy-duty trucks (those weighing more than 8,500 lbs) are the second-largest source of Nitrogen Oxides emissions from mobile sources, despite representing just 5% of New York’s 10.6 million registered vehicles.

According to NY’s Department of Environmental Conservation, the state recognizes a zero-emission vehicle as either a battery-electric vehicle, plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle. This new law should be viewed as great news by the likes of Tesla, VW and GM, as well as startups like Lucid Motors and Rivian.

While announcing this new law, the governor’s office also reiterated New York’s goal of reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions by 85% by 2050.

As per data from the National Automobile Dealership Association, the state of New York accounted for roughly 6% of all light-duty vehicle sales in the U.S. last year, as well as $60 billion in dealership revenue.

“New York is implementing the nation's most aggressive plan to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions affecting our climate and to reach our ambitious goals, we must reduce emissions from the transportation sector, currently the largest source of the state's climate pollution,” said Governor Hochul.

“The new law and regulation mark a critical milestone in our efforts and will further advance the transition to clean electric vehicles, while helping to reduce emissions in communities that have been overburdened by pollution from cars and trucks for decades.”

In April of this year, NY and 11 other states asked President Biden to put the country on a direct path that ensures all vehicles sold in the U.S. are zero-emissions, with a clear 2035/2045 timetable, depending on the type of vehicle.


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